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From the biggest festivals to simple private events, there is one thing in common: to keep the memories and share them. I take care of recreating a striking atmosphere around your event and make it as incredible as possible in images to capture the spirits on your social networks, to propel your project to the forefront with stunning visuals.

“Tom immediately responded to our request. He immediately impressed us with his professionalism, his maturity and his involvement. A real success!”

Arnaud GIMONETOrganizer - Fromentine Vintage Fun Cup


Every destination, far or close, deserves attention. That’s why I’ve been travelling so much to discover how beautiful every corner of this planet is, and realized that there’s no place that doesn’t deserve to get heard, seen, and visited. Nowadays, travel content is one of the most viewed type of content in the world. And whether you own a destination, agency, or an activity in a country that you need to promote, you will need that content to inspire millions of viewers and get them to your places.

“During all the time he collaborated with our teams, Tom knew how to show personality, creativity, professionalism in order to make a neat and inspiring production while respecting the proposed constraints. His work proved to be of high quality as it was rewarded and allowed our Tourist Office to win two Social Media Awards during the 14th Etourism Meeting in Pau in 2018.”

Pascal NERRIERECEO - OTI Pays de Saint Jean de Monts


Every brand has a story to tell. From Starbucks, to Puma, Footlocker, Insta360 and many others, I’ve been able to produce several materials over the past years that allowed such names to stand out from the competition. Whether your brand is starting out, or massively developed, we can make the content that will make you stand out from everyone else.

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